Bold What Applies
  • you have more than two cats
  • you live with someone you are currently dating
  • you are allergic to some kind of food
  • you like to play video games
  • you like to listen to vocaloid
  • you are part of the superwholock fandom
  • you like to be in pictures
  • you like to take pictures
  • you consider yourself an artist 
  • you have more than four saved urls
  • you have read the entire harry potter series
  • you own the newest iphone
  • you like to go camping
  • you have school tomorrow (does uni count?)
  • its the weekend right now
  • its sunny outside
  • its raining outside
  • you are bored
  • you are a weeaboo
  • you have had your wisdom teeth pulled out
  • you have/had braces
  • you wear glasses/contact lenses
  • you have met up with someone you met online
  • you called someone in today
  • you are supposed to be working on something
  • you are on a laptop
  • you are on a desktop
  • you hugged someone today
  • you can drive
  • your favourite colour is red
  • your favourite colour is purple
  • your favourite colour is green
  • you are in the united states right now
  • you know someone who lives in asia
  • you have a rp account
  • you like to sing in front of people (along with other people - choir thing)
  • you get nervous easily
  • you have been drunk before
  • you have had a hangover before
  • you live with your older sibling(s)
  • you live with your younger sibling(s)
  • you have kissed someone in the last week
  • you have finished a book in the last three days
  • you have finished a tv series in the last three days
  • you were born in a different country then the one you’re in now
  • you know more than two languages
  • you have won a giveaway on tumblr
  • you are with a friend right now
  • you are still in your pajamas








"Grandfather Writes Letter To His Daughter After She Kicks Out His Gay Grandson"


Fuck. Got to my heart

So much respect for him

I love this



oh yes, sure, it is inspiring, and stuff, but “disowning his/her child”… didn’t he just do the same? calling his daughter a heartless bitch… isn’t that kind of contradictory? i mean, suuuuuure, she did some wrong stuff, not being gay and all, it was her fault, not her son’s…. but still the ends don’t really meet here for me…